~Amanda Swanson Photography~ *2020 General On Location Cosplay Shoot Form*
Thank you for taking the time to fill out this form as this makes it much easier for me to keep all my photoshoots in order and timed well! For every photoshoot you will get a personal online gallery with a download code to obtain all your images!~
Photo turn around time estimated: 2-3 weeks
Thank you so much for wanting to book with me and I can't wait to travel to you soon!

*****PLEASE NOTICE******

If I am traveling out of TN, there will be a traveling fee added to the price of your shoot. I will notify you what the traveling fee will be after your form is sent in so you can confirm or not with no pressure.

Example: If I am traveling to shoot with you in Atlanta, GA , the fee added will be $20.

If I do not reply within 48 hours, feel free to email me at amandaswansonphotos@gmail.com!
Sometimes life gets busy and I want to make sure I can contact you!
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Name please! *
What is your preferred social media or Instagram handle? This is for proper tagging!❤ *
Please enter your number! This is a secure way for getting in contact with you before we meet for the shoot. My number is 865-244-6302 just so you can already have it! *
Who will you be cosplaying and from what series? (If more than one person in the shoot please put down who will be who) *
What month works best for you? *
What dates are available to you? (PLEASE PUT SPECIFIC DATES) *
Please understand that there is a separate from shoot price non refundable deposit fee of $10 at the time of booking for your shoot. This can be paid by paypal only. *
What kind of shoot would you like? (These are the flat rates without including gas expenses if I am traveling to you out of Knoxville, TN) *
Will you be paying with cash or PayPal? *
Will you be shooting with me inside the TN state line or out of state? *
If out of state, which city will I be traveling to?
What location would you like me to scope for your shoot or do you have a certain location in mind?And do you have any certain limitations concerning your cosplay? (Limited mobility, unable to sit, limited vision) *
Please check this so you know you are aware that you must aim to arrive 5 minutes before your designated shoot time, and if anything comes up that may cancel the shoot you must notify me 2 days in advance so I can move my traveling plans. *
Please check the circle showing that you are aware that you will not edit the images or put filters over the images given to you in the finished album! If you need anymore editing OR specific editing done you will notify me. *
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