F22 Technovation In-Person Participant Post-Survey
We'd like to hear what you liked (or didn't!) about Technovation so that we can continue to make it better next spring, whether virtual or in-person! Your answers are anonymous, so please be honest!
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On a scale from 1-5, rank your agreement with the following statements. *
1 (Strongly Disagree)
2 (Disagree)
3 (Neutral)
4 (Agree)
5 (Strongly Agree)
I had fun attending Technovation.
I learned the basics of programming at Technovation.
I would recommend Technovation to a friend.
I would come to Technovation again next fall
I felt comfortable and included at Technovation.
The mentors were kind and helpful.
The time of Technovation was convenient.
The pacing of Technovation was appropriate (not too fast or too slow)
CodeHS was a good learning platform.
I wanted to come to Technovation each week.
I made new friends at Technovation.
Technovation improved how I feel about computer science.
Technovation met or surpassed my expectations.
Technovation helped me develop useful programming and problem solving skills.
I want to learn more about computer science / programming after Technovation.
What was your favorite part about Technovation? *
What was your least favorite part about Technovation? *
What is one thing you would change about Technovation? *
How did you feel about using CodeHS this fall? *
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