Interested in leading a Project Team?
We are thrilled to open the call for the next cycle of Project Teams! Project Teams are a way for small groups of individuals from 100Kin10 partner organizations to collaborate on time-bound projects that address the challenges behind our nation's shortage of excellent STEM teachers.

Over 6 months, cross-organizational teams will work on projects that have the potential to improve their own work and positively impact the field. We all have something to learn and share -- if you have a challenge that you're passionate about and are interested in leading a Project Team to address it, please complete this form.

You can find more details about what it means to lead and participate in a Project Team here:

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2. The work of Project Teams is meant to span six months, with the option of extending the project afterwards. What would you hope to accomplish in the six months? Describe your idea in more detail, including specific outputs, and how it might unfold over the course of six months. *
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3. Which challenge does your project most directly address? *
Use this spreadsheet ( to view all of our identified challenges, organized by theme. Each challenge has a unique number 1-104. Enter the number your project most directly addresses below.
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9. Are there any specific types of organizations you think would be particularly helpful or interested in this Project Team? If so, please describe. (Focus, size, program work, type, geographic location, etc.)
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10. Are there specific partners you’d like to have on your Project Team? (name specific organizations or individuals)
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After you submit this application, please click the link to choose a time slot to have a conversation with the 100Kin10 team about your idea.
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