Gloucester Education Foundation Grant Request Form
Please use this form for Grant Requests to the Gloucester Education Foundation (GEF) Please review the form in it's entirety prior to submission. There are approval requirements that must be made prior to submission. It is important to note the necessity of interim and post-project outcomes reporting requirements.
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In 2-3 sentences, summarize the project for which you are requesting funding.
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Please describe the opportunity or need that this program/project will address. Please be as specific as possible, using data where appropriate to support your case.
Outcomes *
Please state your specific expected outcomes and how you plan to measure each. Provide the timeline for when you intend to gather your data to assess the programs/project's effectiveness, including any interim benchmarks. Describe the scalability and sustainability of this program/project over time.
Program/Project Description: In the space provided, please describe the project or program you are proposing. Please be as specific as possible using data, references and examples of other similar programs/projects, and the success of those programs/projects. *
Implementation Steps: Please describe the steps to implement this program in chronological order, include timelines if appropriate. *
Inputs: Please describe what necessary supplies or inputs will be needed for the program/project. Please include any technology, professional development, personnel, supplies, etc. (Please reflect all needed resources in the project budget, even if these are to be funded by another source, i.e. the district.) *
Additional Comments
Required Approvals *
By checking the appropriate box(es) below, the applicant verifies his/her understanding of the process, especially the requirements regarding publicity and the post-project report and outcome measurements. The school Principal and when applicable, the Department Chair should review. WE REQUIRE AN EMAIL FROM THE PRINCIPAL, AND IF APPLICABLE, THE DEPARTMENT CHAIR, INDICATING THEIR AWARENESS AND APPROVAL OF THE PROGRAM/PROJECT PRIOR TO THE SUBMISSION OF THE FUNDING REQUEST.
Superintendent Confirmation *
By checking the box below, the applicant confirms that this program/project has been approved by the Superintendent or their designee, that it is in keeping with the goals and priorities of the school district, and that funding in whole or in part is not available through the school's budget. CONFIRMATION VIA EMAIL FROM THE SUPERINTENDENT OR DESIGNEE IS REQUIRED PRIOR TO THE SUBMISSION OF THIS FUNDING REQUEST.
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