Women in Theory Workshop - Day 3 / General
The purpose of this survey is to learn how well this program meets its goals and the goals of its

participants. Your participation in this survey is completely voluntary, but strongly encouraged – we

want to know what you liked about the workshop, what you learned, and where we can improve.

Individual responses are confidential; the evaluation team will report only summary information.

Comments may be quoted to help illustrate a point, but nothing individually identifiable will be

released. You may skip any question you do not want to answer.

1. Please mark the appropriate rating.
Use DK/NA if you didn’t attend a session or don’t remember.
DK/NA (Don't know/Not applicable)
Mary Wootters: Error correcting codes - Wed 8:30am
Liadan O’Callaghan: Search Ad Auctions - Wed Google
Maya Gupta: Machine Learning - Wed Google
Gagan Aggarwal: Ad Auction Design - Wed Google
Zoya Svitkina: Resource Planning - Wed Google
Anelia Angelova: Deep Learning - Wed Google
Workshop as a whole
2. To what extent are these statements true of your experience at the workshop?
Not at All
Very Little
Very Much
a. The technical content confirmed or increased my interest in TCS.
b. I learned new things from the technical content.
c. The technical content sparked some research ideas for me.
d. The career development content taught me strategies for advancing my research or graduate school career.
e. I learned methods for getting more out of technical conferences that I attend.
f. The workshop helped me clarify my career interests within computing.
g. I learned more about what it is like to be a researcher in this area.
3. At the workshop, to what extent did you network with people…
Not at All
Very Little
Very Much
a. At an earlier career stage
b. At an earlier career stage
c. At a more advanced career stage
4. How satisfied were you with…
Not at All
Very Little
Very Much
a. The mix of attendees at the workshop
b. The mix of speakers at the workshop
c. The mix of technical and career content
5. What did you hope to achieve by attending this workshop?
Your answer
Not at All
Very Little
Very Much
5a. To what extent did you achieve it?
6. How likely or unlikely do you think it is that you will have the following kinds of interaction in the next year with someone you met at this workshop?
Very Unlikely
Somewhat Unlikely
Somewhat Likely
Very Likely
a. Collaborate on a research project or proposal
b. Speak to them at a conference
c. Contact them to ask a technical question
d. Contact them for non-technical reasons (friendship, support)
e. Ask them to mentor you
f. Be asked to mentor them
6g. Other (please specify)
Your answer
7. If there are other effects of the workshop that we didn’t ask about, positive or negative, what are they?
Your answer
8. Please suggest ways to improve any individual session you rated poor or fair.
Your answer
9. What other topics, if any, should be covered in this workshop?
Your answer
10. What is your career stage as of Spring 2014?
11. What is the highest degree you plan to attain?
12. Are you Spanish, Hispanic, or Latino?
13. Please indicate your race. (Check all that apply)
14. Did you / Do you plan to attend STOC?
14a. If Yes, would you have attended also if it wasn’t in conjunction with WIT?
15. Any final comments or suggestions about the workshop?
Your answer
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