NCB Silent Auction 2017: Donation Form
Please complete this form for each item you are donating. If you feel strongly that the items you are donating should be auctioned in the same lot, fill out this form once and include all the items your are donating in the item description field.

THANK YOU for your time and efforts in making this year's auction a success!

-- Your Silent Auction Committee

Donor Information
If the item will be solicited from and donated by a business or other third party, please provide the donor information below. If you are the donor, please provide your information.
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Program Book Listing
Please tell us how the donor's name should appear in the program books and catalogs.
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Item Information
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Please include distinguishing characteristics such as a brand name, size, color, unique features.
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Physical Item or Certificate *
Indicate whether the donation will be physically present at the auction, or a certificate will be present in its place.
Do you want the Northshore Concert Band to create the certificate for you?
If so, please describe all the terms of the donation. Unless otherwise specified, the Northshore Concert Band will tell bidders that your certificate expires one year from the concert date and that there is no geographic limit on where the service will be performed or where the item will be delivered.
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Approximate Item Value
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Suggested Minimum Bid
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How will the NCB receive the item? *
Date of Donation
When can the Northshore Concert Band expect to receive this donation? If item requires pickup or will be brought directly to the auction, please leave this blank.
Band Member Contact Information
If you are the donor and not a member of Northshore Concert Band, please indicate the band member who contacted you for this donation. If you are a band member, please tell us who you are.
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