Needs Survey
Please fill out this form to assist us in best matching services and resources to needs. If you have the ability to order supplies online, please so do and utilize this form for other needs.

If you are aware of any EGR residents who are unable to fill out this form independently, please assist them in doing so or encourage them to contact our Volunteer Coordinator, at or 616.425.9402.
Please note that a request is not a guarantee of service, and we will do our best to match volunteers to residents in a timely manner.
Please contact us for further information or questions.

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In the space below, please select which areas you have a need for at this current time. Leave any non-applicable items blank. Please note that we will make every attempt to connect needs to organizations and volunteers that can fill these needs, but cannot guarantee service. *
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Do you anticipate needing one-time or continual support? Please give as much detail as possible (for example: daily support for animal care, weekly assistance with yard work). *
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Is there any additional support you may need in the future?
Please let us know anything that may be helpful as we find a volunteer match, including household information (ages of family members, etc), if applicable.
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If there are children living in your household, and you feel comfortable sharing, please provide the school they attend.
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