SC Chess Festival Registration
Please include all available information. However, if you are unable to answer some questions (e.g. if the player is not yet a US Chess Federation member), please leave those fields blank.
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In the format last name, first name.
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Which tournaments will you be playing? Note that full SC Chess Festival participation provides the best bang for you buck :)
If you do not have a USCF ID, memberships are purchasable at or at site. Membership is required to play in a USCF rated tournament. Anyone who purchases an annual membership to play in the event will receive free entry. Members can find their ID here:
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If you do not have a USCF rating, feel free to provide a best estimate (usually based on sites like or leave the field blank. Ratings can be looked up at
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Do you need any byes: limit 2?
Please state the tournament and rounds for which are requesting byes.
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Who is your bughouse partner?
Note that they must also register.
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SC Resident
Is your primary residence in South Carolina? Players much be SC residents ton win the titles of state champion.
In case there are questions about your registration.
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In case of desparate last minute registration questions.
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