Splendid Teapot Racing Nz Pre Registration Form 2016 Steampunk NZ Festival
This is the place to give me all the information I need for a speedy, easy and smooth registration. For humoring me and filling out this form, you get 10 points added to your total race points :). Your Rig will also get its very own name card. You can still register on the day but this helps me a lot. If you need to contact me please email me at: splendidteapotracingnz@gmail.com
Your Competition Name: *
Steampunk of course!
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Your Real Name(Optional) :
Just incase I need to find you
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Your Rig (Racing Teapot) Name: *
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Where do you and your rig live?
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Are you a team or an individual? *
email *
really important for sharing information.
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Type of Rig *
Is your rig a junker? Ie bought at a second hand shop, Kmart, wearhouse etc or is it a high performance rig from a specialist hobbie shop etc.
Category of Race Event *
What event are you entering in, you can enter in all three.
Rig or Cosy description
for the MC to read out
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I/we agree to the rules of the competition and agree that the decision of the judges is final. *
I/we consent to the use by Splendid Teapot Racing NZ of any photos or videos made by me/we and of any photos or videos of me/us/rig at the competition *
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