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This form is for students at the University of Bristol who wish to sponsor an existing charity application. If you’re aware of a charity that has made an application to us, you can sponsor their application by filling in this form. We’ll take this into account when shortlisting charities for the University wide vote.

If you've been involved with a charity at any point, this is an excellent opportunity to tell us! Bristol RAG is the primary fundraising group within the University of Bristol Students' Union so we want to ensure the charities we raise for are representative of what students care about.

Please note you must provide a MyBristol username so we can verify that you’re a student.

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Are you happy for Bristol RAG to contact you to discuss the charity you are sponsoring? [1] *
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Privacy Note
Bristol RAG will store your email address, MyBristol username and charity sponsor details. If you selected no to all the above checkboxes Bristol RAG will only use that information for the purposes of processing charity applications. Your MyBristol username and email address may be used to verify your student status.

If you selected 'yes' on the checkbox labelled [1], Bristol RAG may contact you to ask further questions about the charity you are sponsoring. Otherwise if you selected 'no' you will not receive further contact regarding the application.

If you selected 'yes' or 'not sure' on the checkbox labelled [2], Bristol RAG will use your contact details to contact you in the future when we are recruiting reps and new committee. We will not do this if you selected 'no'.

If you selected 'yes' to checkbox labelled [3], Bristol RAG will add you to our mailing list. Your contact details will be used for the purposes of marketing RAG events and news updates. We will not do this if you selected 'no'.

The information you've provided will only be shared with members of the RAG committee and approved RAG reps. The data will not be shared to any third party.

If you have further questions please contact

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