Funfair 2017-18 : Registration form
This is for the groups to register for the Fun Fair to be held on 24th February, 2018.
Students of standards 5 to 9 are allowed to participate in groups - Group size: 4 for game stalls and 6 - 8 for food stall.
All students of a group must be from the same standard, they can belong to different divisions.
Class *
Please enter the standard your group belongs to
Group size *
Choose the number of members in your group from the list given below ( 4 members for Game stall, 6-8 food stall )
Group Leader - Reference Number *
Type in reference number of the GROUP LEADER
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Group Leader - Name *
Type the name (First name, Last name) of the group leader.
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Group details : Enter the name and Ref No of other members of the group. *
Enter the reference number first, then leave a space and write the name of the group leader in this format (First name, middle name, last name)
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What kind of stall will you have ? *
Choose the kind of stall that you plan to have from the list below.
In case of GAME STALL, type of game.
Choose all things that apply
In case of FOOD STALL, select type of food.
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