2019 Blog Survey (AWOI)
Hi! Welcome to this super cool survey (just kidding this is really boring). Your probably from my blog or twitter or something! I really love hearing from readers and friends and to hear what they think of my blog. Sometimes, I don't even know who reads my blog or what they have to say about me, and how I can make my site a better place for you all so here's a chance to do that?! ANYWAYS, shoo, go do the survey seriously!! (this should take like you 5 minutes, maybe more if you're bothered and write really long answers??) and please answer all the questions HONESTLY. thanks.
what's your name? *
do you have a blog, if so leave a link
when did you discover my blog *
do you read my posts regularly *
What do you think of my posts, mostly *
what is your FAVOURITE type of post to read *
Can you tell me why that type of post is your favourite? *
Based on your answer from the previous question, state the option you chose such as "book reviews" and give it a little explanation on why you enjoy those posts.
are my posts too long or too short? *
what type of posts do you dislike the most *
i rhyme. also here's ur chance to roast my posts. (i rhyme again!) also don't tick the last option thanks.
Why is this your least favourite type of post? *
Based on your previous answer, explain why you don't like that post or how I can improve when writing these types of posts. For example... they're boring!
what's something you like about me/my blog? *
what's something you dislike about me/my blog? *
how did you find my blog?? *
do you read my posts on the Wordpress Reader, Email, or on my actual site? *
do you have any improvement for my blogs? if so, what are they? *
what do you think of my blog design? *
tell me the truth! i've just changed it, so tell me any thoughts about. do you think my featured images are ugly? what works and what doesn't.
if you comment on my blog, have i commented on yours? *
why did you decide to follow my blog? *
what do you think about how long i take to reply to your comment *
what's your overall general experience on my site like? *
What do you wish I changed about me/my blog? *
Please be honest here!! Don't feel like just because ur a friend or i know you that you have to hold back. keep it polite but real!! i want useful criticism.
why WOULDN'T you click on one of my posts? *
do you follow me on wordpress? *
what social platforms do you follow me on? *
Anything else (extra comments or thoughts) *
Do you have any booktube/book blogger recommendations for me! (Please limit to 3!)
this is not a chance to plug your blog! If you read any blogs that you know I'd really enjoy, leave their link down here!! Same goes for booktube channels (I like funny and unique videos best like Read With Cindy or Insane Reader)
Thanks so much for taking this survey??! You're amazing and wonderful and you just wasted like five minutes of your life but I AM SO THANKFUL FOR YOUR FEEDBACK!!!
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