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- You must be the owner of the setup you are submitting
- Please submit a minimum of 10 photos (highest res possible and well lit no portrait photos)
- Photos must be well lit shots, in daylight ideally (if too dark you will be rejected)
- You must list all peripherals and hardware to your setup
- Please provide a rough estimate of the cost of your whole setup
- Please submit the purpose of the setup (gaming, streaming, editing etc)
- Please provide your full name and address
- Tell us why your setup is different to the everyday setup what makes it special

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Photo Requirements for the upload
Please upload 10 photos numbered and representing the following requirements

- Photo 1 - Overview of the whole setup (square on shot)
- Photo 2 - Your favourite angle of your setup (The Money Shot)
- Photo 3 - Picture of underneath your desk
- Photo 4 - Picture of your cable management
- Photo 5 - Picture of your keyboard and mouse
- Photo 6 - Picture of your PC
- Photo 7 - Picture of your pc exposed (remove your side panel)
- Photo 8 - 10 Close up shots of your desk accessories (headphones, microphones, mixamps any other bits of tech)

Please upload your photos to and send them too
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Please list the components in your PC *
What do you estimate the cost of your entire setup to be? *
What is the main function of your setup? (Streaming, Gaming, Editing, work etc) *
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