Serve Team Application
The BCM exists to help students BELONG to Christian Community and a Local Church; CHALLENGE students with God's Word to be better disciples, students, and leaders; and help students MULTIPLY their faith on campus and across the Globe.

The BCM serve team is made up of students who feel led to serve God and their peers to help spread the Gospel on campus.
Serve Team Expectations
A growing relationship with Jesus Christ
- consistent daily quiet time
- active in a local church
- regular attender/leader for a small group in BCM or a Local Church
- abstain from the use of alcohol for the the 2021 calender year
- care for others and care for Christ's witness through you (appearance of evil, no opposite sex sleep
over, social media presence, intentional conversations)

Be a Christ and BCM Ambassador
- Share the Gospel regularly
- Attend Lunch and TNT as often as possible
- Invite friends
- Help out around the building
- Have a 2.0 GPA

Be Present
- Attend weekly or bi-weekly Serve Team meetings Thursdays at 4:30p
- Attend Lead>>Defend Conference March 6, 2021
- Attend State Fall Retreat, October 8-9 in Lonsdale, AR (@ Spring Lake Baptist Assembly)
- Attend special BCM events as often as possible
- Attend Serve Training Meetings in December, January & August

- VP's serve 5-10 hours per week outside of meetings and attending events
- Team Members serve 2-5 hours per week outside of meetings and attending events
- Lead out on campus and encourage others to be a part of what is going on
- Help out with other areas in the BCM
- Get others involved in what God has asked you to lead
Will you commit to be held accountable to the serve team expectations? *
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