Application form - Actualize Your Potential: Facilitate!
ATTENTION: We only accept applicants from Czech Republic and Latvia. Other spots have been filled by the regular deadline.

Through this application you are applying to participate in the "Actualize Your Potential: Facilitate!" training course that will take place in Hungary. Read carefully all the questions and take your time to answer them in detail.

Timeframe of the project:

Arrival to the venue
2 August 2018 from 17.00 to 19.00
Training days
2 August - 9 August 2018
Departure from the venue
10 August 2018 until 12.00

Before applying, read carefully our Infoletter - and in case you have any questions write us at

This application form has 3 parts:

1. Personal details
2. Motivation and Desired Outcomes
3. Extra questions and Declaration

Please note that the selection is merely based on the second part of the application form: Motivation and Desired Outcomes. We do not make selection based on other details submitted in this form, and based on gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation or religion. We treat all data confidentially. Your data will be only used for (1) communication with you about the selection, (2) communication with the partner organizations about your selection and (3) reporting to the NA.

Enjoy the process!
AYP Team

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Do you need to eat meat during the training days? *
The meals provided within this accommodation during the whole program will be (delicious) mostly plant-based. If spending 7 days without eating meat is too challenging for you, let us know.
If you have any other specific diet, let us know.
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Contact person in case of emergency *
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What fewer opportunities are you facing? *
In the link you'll find a specific description of the types of fewer opportunities that the European Comission consider. Read it carefully as there are some spots reserved for participants with fewer opportunities.
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