Request for Max the Water Dog
The Central Basin Municipal Water District (Central Basin) has acquired a new mascot, Max the Water Dog. The purpose of Max is to promote water use efficiency at outreach events. Max is an expensive piece of property of the Central Basin. As District property it is of utmost importance that Max be handled with the highest level of care and that liability be minimized in the use of Max. Provided below is the policy on the usage of Max.

Management of Mascot Costume

Under the direction of the External Affairs Manager, the Conservation Manager will manage the use of Max. Max will be handled by External Affairs staff, unless designated otherwise by the Conservation Manager, the External Affairs Manager or the General Manager. For the purpose of liability, only Central Basin staff will be allowed to dress up as Max.


The use of Max the Water Dog is available upon request. Requests should be received in writing at least 4 weeks prior to the date of the event. Requests must be reviewed by the Conservation Manager for appropriateness of request. Max will be available for use dependent upon staff availability to dress up as Max. Not all events are suitable for Max the Water Dog. Below is a list of event requirements:

The costume will be worn only by a Central Basin employee;
The event must be family oriented;
The event must be open to the public (unless otherwise approved by the General Manager);
An expected attendance of at least 200 people;

The event must be hosted within Central Basin’s service area (unless otherwise approved by the General Manager);
The requesting organization should provide information and a flyer at least 4 weeks in advance;
Use of Max is dependent upon approval by the event organizer, the External Affairs Manager and the Conservation Manager;
A specified time must be designated in the event program for the mascot’s appearance;
The mascot will be in attendance at the event for no more than two hours with 15 minute performance and break intervals;
A changing room must be provided for staff to change in and out of costume; and
At all times Max will be accompanied by an escort, who will be a Central Basin employee.

The person(s) authorized to wear the mascot costume must be Central Basin employees at all times. Before becoming authorized to wear the costume, staff members will need to read the Mascot Manual and sign that they have read it. The person(s) authorized to wear mascot costume will be trained on the limitations of the costume and how to properly wear costume. No acrobatic moves will be performed in costume. While wearing the costume, staff must keep hydrated during and after the appearances. The staff person wearing the costume will take 15-20 minutes breaks in between appearances. Appearances will last no longer than 20 minutes, dependent on weather or temperature conditions. Staff will need to bring a dry set of clothing to change into after each appearance. Because of the expense of the costume, the staff member must to treat the costume with utmost care at all times.


The Central Basin staff member wearing the costume will not initiate any physical contact, nor speak or hand out giveaways. Verbal communication will be handled by a Central Basin staff assisting the mascot. Hand signals will be developed and the mascot and escort will be appropriately trained to understand the meaning of each. The hand signals will allow the mascot to notify the escort of potential stressful or distressing situations for an easier and quick response.

Mascot Escorts

The mascot costume is complex and it will be difficult for the person wearing the costume to see around themselves. Mascots will have someone with them to serve as their eyes and ears, especially while walking around and in crowds or near roadways. This person should be clearly identified as a mascot escort or more commonly referred to as a mascot handler. The handler will be trained to identify signs of distress and illnesses associated with temperature extremes and any other hazardous situation. Central Basin employee serving as Max’s handler will avoid any potentially hazardous or dangerous situations, in their sole opinion. In the event a situation of potential danger arises, Max and his handler will immediately go to a safe area and change out of the costume and leave area.

Temperature in Mascot Costume

It can be difficult to remain cool in a costume and frequent breaks may be the best option. The costume has a built in fan and cooling vest to keep the staff member comfortable and cool. Wearing moisture-resistant clothing under the costume may be the more suitable option.
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