If you would like to be on our lottery list, please complete the information below.

Please note that enrolment is closed each year on September 30th.

The first round of the lottery for the next school year is completed on the first Friday of February each year. The lottery is NOT a one time event. Anytime a space opens up in our program between February and the end of September, we will complete a lottery draw for that spot.

If you have questions about registration or the lottery process, please contact our School Secretary, Lisa Leflar, by phone at 780.468.2598 or by email at
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Please indicate three choices of instrument. We will attempt to accommodate every instrument request, however some instruments may be filled, so it is always best to be prepared to accept other instruments. Instruments offered at SCS include: Cello, Double Bass, Flute, Guitar, Piano, Recorder, Trumpet, Viola, and Violin.
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