2019 Think Outside the Box Application Form
Project Overview, Important Dates, and Eligibility
Project Overview:
This is a call for entries for designs to paint select traffic signal boxes in Manchester’s downtown and Millyard. The goals of this project are to: Beautify the city by infusing art, color, and creativity into the urban landscape; Add to the vitality & attractiveness of the city core and deter graffiti; Highlight and celebrate local artists

Call for Artists begins: Spring 2019
DEADLINE: JUNE 17, 2019, 9PM. Completed applications must be submitted to Studio 550 by 9pm. Incomplete submissions will not be reviewed. Applications may be mailed, dropped off, or e-mailed.
Jury Process: The jury will review and select artists based on eligibility and number of sponsors available for funding. Selected artists will be contacted via email and/or phone. Please do not call to check on the status of your application.
Painting: Artists Paint Boxes (weather dependent) from Late June-August, 2019
Boxes Complete: Fall 2019

Artist Eligibility:
This is open to any resident of New Hampshire – professionals, amateurs, teams, pairs, groups, institutions, or organizations. We would like to have the broadest possible reach in hopes of acquiring the highest level of talent and imagination for this project. There are no age restrictions.

Artist Benefits:
Artist recognition via your signature on the utility box (no larger than 3” x 5”)
Notable mention of our artists in press release materials for the project
Plaque recognizing artist and their work on the box itself (Approx. dimensions 5x7”).
Press/marketing about the project during and after the painting.
$400 artist stipend: Stipend will be awarded to selected artists, given that the artists adhere to all rules and requirements of the agreement. $150 will be paid upfront for the purchase of materials (artists should use outdoor/professional grade materials for quality and longevity), $250 will be paid on completion of painting. Depending on the design, and on the specific box, artists may have the option of transferring their work to a vinyl wrap instead of painting on the box itself. In this case, the artist forfeits their stipend, as the total stipend amount will be used to pay for the printing and installation cost of the wrap.
Option to display signage to identify artist and project while painting the box

Representative of InTown Manchester
Representative of Mayor’s Office
Representative of Manchester Economic Development Department
Representative of Manchester Department of Public Works
Pending 1 more Jury member
Jury Facilitator:
Monica Leap, Programs Manager, Studio 550

Selection Criteria:
Applications will be evaluated on quality of past work, artistic merit and suitability of proposed design, qualifications, and ability to execute the project (including reference checks).
Exemplify excellence in urban design and public arts: Is the image engaging and high quality in concept? Is the image interesting and unique? Does the image work within or play with the box form itself?
Enhance community identity and place: Is the image meaningful and adaptable to multiple neighborhoods in the City?
Contribute to community vitality: Does the image draw people passing by on bikes, on foot or in cars?
Involve a broad range of people/communities: Will a broad range of people connect with the image emotionally?
Value artists and artistic process: Does this image celebrate the range and talent of creative artists living and in the City?
Use resources wisely: Is the Imagery detailed enough to prevent graffiti? Is the design adaptable to a range of box sizes and shapes?
Qualifications/Ability to Execute: Is the artist local? Has the artist completed similar projects before? If the artist has not, does their quality of character and track record suggest they will be able to complete this project in a timely, professional manner?

Design Guidelines:
Each applicant may submit up to 3 designs for consideration.
Submitted work does not need to be recent or designed specifically for this project. It may be a modification of a previous piece.
Subject matter or design style is completely open to the artist.
Submitted work must be the artist’s 100% original work
No branding, advertising or logos (except the artist’s signatures)
Work may be representational, abstract, tromp l’oeil, or otherwise, but preference will be shown to designs that are unique and that respond to the urban context
We encourage artists to play with the 3-d shape of the box
Entries must show a high level of craftsmanship
Proposals should include placement of the artist’s signature as it would appear on the actual box (no larger than 3”x5”).
Images can include text or poetry, but the artist must have the rights to use this text.
Imagery needs to be detailed enough to prevent temptation of graffiti.
Artists should avoid dark pallets to prevent boxes from overheating in the sun

Other Information
The artist should sand and prime their box before painting their design.
A clear coat layer will be painted after the artist is done. This is done by volunteers after the artist is finished.
Designs should be up for a minimum of one year. Artist is responsible for upkeep and maintenance of the artwork for the first year of installation. Boxes will be covered with a sacrificial graffiti-resistant clear coat.
These boxes are property of the city of Manchester and may require upgrading or need replacing. There is no guarantee of how long the artwork will remain on the boxes, though the hope is at least a year. The City has the right to move, remove, or destroy the artwork at any time.
Artists’ proposals should use the enclosed “Electrical Box Diagram” for the jury process. All sides should be designed. However, please note the actual box may be a different size than the diagram, and the rear/side panels on some boxes may not be easily accessible. In this case, those faces of the box can be left un-painted. Some edits may be required to make the design fit properly.
Boxes will be assigned to the artist. No special requests are guaranteed.
If images of real people are included, the artist must obtain a release from those people for the images to be used in this way.
If there are any identifying codes or numbers on the box, they may NOT be painted over. Artist must also take care in avoiding keyholes, hinges, and other moving parts so the box is still functional.

Submissions will be ineligible if they involve:
A breach of intellectual property rights (i.e., somebody else's idea);
Trademarks, brand or business names, logos or copyrighted images;
Anything that is harmful to a third party, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate;
Collage or gluing anything onto the box.

Artist represents and warrants that the Artist is the author, creator or sole copyright holder of the material submitted to this call for entries and that said material does not and will not infringe upon the proprietary or any intellectual property rights of any other persons or entities.

The City and its assigns shall possess and own a copy of the digital files of the image as well as any photographs or other physical image submitted by the Artist through this project (the “Public Artwork”).

The Artist retains all other rights provided through the Copyright Act of 1976, 17 U.S.C.
Section 101 et seq. to the Public Artwork.

The Artist also grants to City and its assigns an irrevocable license to post the digital images on the internet and to make two-dimensional designs of the digital images to be used for information and other purposes, such as in brochures, media, publicity and catalogs or other similar non-profit publications. Artist grants to the City the sole discretion to destroy this painting design at the end of their lifespan, when the piece is in disrepair, or when the utility box needs to be replaced or for any other reasons.

All images used by the City and its assigns will credit the Artist and project name. Artists shall indemnify the City and its assigns against any and all claims related to consideration, ownership or use of the digital images.

The City, Studio 550, Intown Manchester, Sponsors, and any other party involved with the creation of this project will not be liable or responsible for any bodily injury or property damage of any nature that may be suffered by the Artist, its employees, agents or subcontractors in the performance of this Project, except to the extent of any negligence or misconduct on the part of The City.

The artist is responsible for keeping the design clean and graffiti-free for the 1st year of installation. This is best accomplished through a protective clear coat over the top of the painted design, and regular check up on the piece. In following years, Intown Manchester and the Highway Department will work in tandem to maintain graffiti removal. The box design will be kept up either until the next round of painted boxes is installed or until wear and tear is beyond repair and it will be removed. Provided no unforeseen situations arise, the design will remain on the box for at least 1 year.
I have read the Call for Entries Eligibility Requirements and agree to the terms. Type your full name here as your signature. *
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