2019 Drunk Champs Cocktail Competition
You all have seen us bring you the WHOE Drink Menu the past 3 years. We've built a reputation of the drinks having unique names and even more unique recipes. Many of you have given suggestions for drinks. This year we are giving you YOUR shot. We bring you the inaugural Drunk Champs Cocktail Competition!

We are having a cocktail competition at the Homecoming Tailgate and we're awarding $300 to the best cocktail! Contestants will be judged on five (5) criteria: Originality/Creativity, Taste/Finish, Presentation/Appearance, Aroma, and Drink Name (we know the name is key). Drinks will be judged by members of the WHOE Committee and those who have a Homecoming Bottle will be able to try the drinks.

Fun is what we're all about, but we place safety above that. For this reason, we have some guidelines:

1. Contestants must be 21 years of age or older at the time of the event.
2. Drinks must be made in front of a judge at the tailgate.
3. Drinks must be contained in an Arrow Plastic 00744 Slimline Beverage Container, 2.5-Gallon (can be found on Amazon or Walmart for $7.26) [PICTURED BELOW].
4. At least 2 gallons of the drink must be made.
5. Please show up to the tailgate by 1pm to make your drink. Judging will begin at 1:30pm.
6. Drinks must be limited to six (6) ingredients. Any garnish or spritz that is not already listed as an ingredient and which changes the taste or aromatic profile of the cocktail - for example, aromatic herbs, zests, spices, bitters, or liqueurs - will be considered an additional ingredient.
7. House-specific, or home-made, ingredients will not be eligible.
8. Ingredients that contain tobacco, any type of drug or psychotropic ingredient (including CBD oil) are prohibited.
9. Recipes must be expressed in fluid ounces (5 oz., 1 oz., 2 oz., etc.), with dashes and/or drops being the smallest quantities.
10. Preparation and mixing instructions must be included with your recipe. The preparation instructions cannot involve the use of any flames or fire.
11. ALL ingredients must be listed.
12. Ingredients must be opened for the first time at the time of making the drink.
13. A group of people can submit one (1) drink together.
14. The name of your drink may not: (a) encourage, promote, or glamorize under-age, excessive, or irresponsible consumption of alcohol products, drunk driving, or any behavior considered to be illegal, or immoral or suggest that the consumption of beverage alcohol will lead to social or sexual success; (b) violate anyone else’s rights, including their copyrights, trademark rights, or rights of privacy or publicity; or (c) reflect poorly on B-CU or WHOE.
15. Entry forms must be received by 11:59 PM PT on October 19, 2019, and there is a limit of one (1) Entry per person.

A panel of judges will make and evaluate all Entries based on the following judging criteria:

Cocktail Name – 25 points
Originality/Creativity – 25 points
Visual Appeal/Presentation – 10 points
Aroma – 10 points
Taste and Finish – 30 points
100 points total

*By submitting this form and entering this competition, you agree to the terms. Any questions, please contact us at bcuwhoe@gmail.com
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Arrow Plastic 00744 Slimline Beverage Container, 2.5-Gallon (can be found on Amazon or Walmart for $7.26)
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