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In 2014, MarkLives published a survey ranking South African agencies by revenue band (see It remains one of our most-searched-for features (viewed 33 000 times so far), and we've decided to update this for 2018 [reflecting revenue, not billings, for 2017–2018 financial year (April 2017 to March 2018)].

To ensure your agency is listed and accessible to both marketers and pitch consultants looking for this information (as it reflects the approximate size and scale of an agency), please complete the form below. All South African agencies with revenue over R10m are encouraged to participate.

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Note: Billings is the amount of client money that flows through an agency — what you can touch but you can’t keep = billings. Revenue is the money agencies get to keep, and this is the number we are looking for.

We will link back from our ranking to your agency profile on (, allowing potential clients to contact you directly via your listing (for both free and premium accounts) on that site.

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