Event & Fund Request Form
As a general policy, we request all students to submit potential events at least three weeks prior to the proposed date of the event. If your potential event features a speaker, please submit the speaker request at least four weeks prior to the proposed date of your event.

Please use this form for all funding requests from student council. The contents of this request will be reviewed by representatives of your clubs council. Should your request be approved, these representatives will decide, together, an appropriate allotment of funds for your request, and be in touch with you.

Notice: If your event features a speaker, please fill out a Speaker Request Form prior to filling out this form. The Speaker Request Form can be found at:
Upon approval, you will receive a speaker confirmation code, to be used in the form below.

The Office of Student Life

Will this event feature a speaker? *
A speaker includes anyone delivering a lecture, shiur, or speech; anyone participating on a panel; movie screenings; performers or demonstrators of any kind.
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