Remote Learning Survey for High School Parents
As we reflect upon our experiences with remote learning, we would like to gather input from our parents regarding how we can strengthen our remote learning plan in case we need to transition to remote learning again in the future.
What high school does your child attend? *
In what grade is your child(ren)? *
What components of remote learning were most successful for your family? *
What components of remote learning were the least successful for your family? *
What were some of the barriers your family encountered with remote learning? *
What were some beneficial ways the teacher supported your child's remote learning? *
What methods were you able to use to communicate with your child's teacher? *
When thinking about the amount of work included within the remote learning packets or online assignments, would you say: *
Did your child complete most of their work online or with paper packets? *
As we look to the future and the possibility of additional remote learning, what suggestions do you have for us to improve our remote learning plan? *
Home Devices and Internet *
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