Student Performer Self-Assessment
The purpose of this survey is to facilitate student self-reflection in a variety of related areas.
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A successful performing artist works not only to develop talent, but to understand, implement, and prove reliable in rigorous work ethic and interpersonal skills. (Make brief comment)
How would you rank your character development?
How would you rank your vocal skill?
How would you rank your movement/dance ability?
How well do you follow Directors' input? (Listening during Directors' notes, bringing pencil and marking script, noting score and meeting vocal deadlines, practicing and perfecting movement.)
During rehearsal time, I observe with the intent to learn (stepping out to talk, electronic device off, and/or quietly doing homework).
Whether lead, single-cast, double-cast or ensemble member, my conversations and behaviors are positive and supportive.
Should I hear gossip/criticism of students or staff, I ...
I am aware that bullying is prevalent in all schools. Should I sense any degree of intimidation in this regard – be it cast member or fellow Titan (on or off-campus, incl social media), I will report it..
Because the rehearsal assessments weigh most heavily on your academic grade, rate your current level of proficiency based on contribution, attendance and punctuality.
On a scale of 1-10, my confidence (self-esteem in this program) as a contributing and valued cast member of the current show is:
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