The 1:1 Experience

This application is specifically for called Christian coaches who 100% know that the Lord is leading them to work with Olivia in The 1:1 Experience.

Note: the investment is £20,000 (GBP) in full. Unfortunately, there are no payment plans available.

At this time, Olivia is not taking sales/discovery calls. If you do have any questions, please list them in the application where indicated and Olivia will be more than happy to answer them via Voxer before taking the next steps to get started.

Last but not least, please fill out this form with lots of detail and in its entirety.
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What would be your top goals for our 4 months together? (Please list your short-term and long-term goals) *
Do you feel confident and knowledgable about writing stand-out content for your offers? Is there anything that you struggle with in regards to written content? *
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Here's what's really important — God knows if Olivia's transformative offer is what you specifically need. Have you confirmed with God that this programme is for you? *
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