Bella Caledonia Reader's Survey 2017
Thank you for participating in our survey. We're looking to update our website and would like to make improvements that benefit our readers the most. If you could share a little information with us about your journey with us so far, we would really appreciate it!

Complete the survey? You also have the chance to win *ONE of BELLA CALEDONIA 20 POSTERS!* Winners will be drawn on Thursday 27th April 2017.

These questions are merely here to give us some understanding of our readership demographic. You can tick the "prefer not to say" if you would prefer not to share this information.
How old are you?
How would you describe your gender?
How would you describe your ethnic origins?
If you would consider yourself physically disabled, what is the nature of your disability?
To improve accessibility of the website and events, we're interested in know of any physical disabilities of our readership.
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