2019 Avocado & Margarita Participant Registration

Thank you for participating in the Avocado & Margarita Festival, held on September 7, 2019 from 10am - 7pm in Morro Bay California. This event attracts over 10,000 people - we would love to have you join us!

Just a few Rules and Regulations, before we get down to the fun stuff:
* All booth fees are due May 1st or the space is forfeited
* There are no refunds
* There are no personal generators allowed
* You must remain inside your booth's footprint; even chairs, displays, etc.
* If you are a food vendor, you must have an avo-themed dish
* If you are a good vendor, you must honor four (4) meal tickets (provided to event staff)
* Participation is subject to committee approval
* You must provide insurance with Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce as additionally insured
* Food Participants are required to:
* Purchase a 10x20 booth if there is ANY open flame or cooking
* MUST abide by all Morro Bay City Fire regulations (these will be provided to you)
* Serve avocado-themed item(s) - these must be approved by the committee

Want a specific booth?
* Booths are based on menu items (for food) and product style and display (for retail).
* We do our best to make accommodations and requests, but there is no guarantee

Payment for booth fees are made to:
Morro Bay Chamber of Commerce
Avocado & Margarita Festival
695 Harbor Boulevard
Morro Bay, CA 93442

Any questions, please contact Kyle Beal Wommack at kylebealwommack@gmail.com or 805.286.1879.

Type of Participant *
The organizers reserve the right to determine eligibility of products and types to maintain the theme and integrity of the event.
Booth Size & Fees *
Booth space is space only plus four (4) staff passes. Participants are required to bring tenting, tables, and all other materials for their booth. Booth fees are due May 1st or the space is forfeited (unless you are an Avo Grower; then booth fees are payable end of event). PLEASE NOTE: open flame cooking must be outside of the tent and within your footprint; anyone with open flame MUST HAVE a 10x20 booth
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Describe the Product You Are Selling *
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California Resale License Number *
This is requires by the State of California.
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Resale License Holder's Driver's License Number *
This is requires by the State of California.
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Do You Have a Business License with the City? *
If you do not have a Business License, you will be requires to obtain a Special Event Permit through the City. This is available at a nominal fee DIRECTLY through the City of Morro Bay.
Food Vendors Only: Do You Have a Temporary Food Facility Permit or Multi-Event Permit Through SLO County? *
If you do not have either of these, you will be required to apply for a Temporary Food Facility Permit DIRECTLY with the County of San Luis Obispo. The fee is in the $100 range (changes with each year).
I agree to abide by all City of Morro Bay policies and City of Morro Bay Fire Regulations for Special Events. I understand not doing so may result in forfeiture of booth fees and participation at the event. *
I have read the above terms and conditions and agree to them. *
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