TedxCasey 2020 Application Form
Are you interested in presenting or entertaining at TedxCasey 2020?

Use this form to tell us about yourself and what your idea is.

Usually people speak their idea but we are always open to innovation so if you have an idea you want to share through poetry, song or some other medium we're open to listen.

Tell us a bit about you, why you are qualified to talk about your idea and what it is.

The form should be filled out by the applicant not by your publicist or agent if you are a professional speaker.

A TEDx talk isn't just another gig. You can't just recycle an old talk.

We are interested in hearing from people who have an insight of some sort that you want to share about something that matters.
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This part of the form is to allow you to share what you want to talk about, why and what makes what you have to say credible.
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What makes you feel qualified to talk about your idea? It may be that you have academic credentials, you might have applied it in a successful way locally and want to share or you may have gained insights from your personal journey. *
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We need a short video of you talking about your idea to progress your application. You can upload it now if you are ready. If not you can submit this form and send a link to your video to team@tedxcasey.com later.
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