PP Customer Survey 2016
General 2016
Please allow 3 minutes for the following survey, consisting of 10 questions:
1. Does our product(s) meet your needs? *
2. How would you rate the general quality of our product? *
3. How would you rate our general sales service? (both via representative/counter/telephone) *
4. How satisfied are you with our stock availability? *
5. Is our delivery period within your expectations? (both via delivery or counter sales) *
6. How would you rate our general documentation and admin function? *
7. How would you rate our ability to assist with innovation, improvement of provide general packaging solutions? *
8. How likely will you recommend Plastic Packaging to a colleague or friend? *
9. Any recommendations or specific complaints?
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10. If you would like to be contacted regarding your bad experience/product/rating or complaint, please fill in your contact details: *
10.1 Company Name
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10.2 Contact Person
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10.3 Contact Number
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10.4 Email Address
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