Stallholder Application 2017
Stallholder Application
Saturday 11th March 2017
9:00am – 5.00pm
Sunday 12th March 2017
9:00am – 5.00pm

Ballarat Polocrosse Grounds,
Airport Road, Mitchell Park (Ballarat)

Applications Close Friday 3rd March 2017 unless sold prior
Please thoroughly read the following pack before completing the application form
Complete the Stall Application & Agreement form by 4 pm Friday 3rd March 2017
All Applications will be acknowledged in writing when received. If you have not received an email or letter acknowledging we have received your application within one week of submitting your application, please contact us.

*Please note that submission of an application DOES NOT guarantee a stall at the event. This is an Expression of Interest, and stall applications will be determined by event organisers & you will be notified by your application as to approval or decline.

Event Details
Saturday 11th March 2017
9:00am – 5.00pm
Sunday 12th March 2017
9:00am – 5:00pm
Ballarat Polocrosse Grounds, Airport Road, Mitchell Park (Ballarat)

Event Set-Up Times
(Or as directed by VGMF event staff and/or Traffic Controllers)

Saturday 11th March
Park opens for Set up 6.30am
 Cars off the park 8:30am SHARP
 Gates open at 9:00am
 Marketplace Trade stalls Finish 5:00pm
 Park open for pack-up 5.30pm

Sunday 12th March
Park opens for Set up 6.30am
 Cars off the park 8:30am SHARP
 Gates open at 9:00am
 Marketplace Trade stalls Finish 5:00pm
 Park open for pack-up 5.30pm

Stalls booked for the weekend
Park opens for Set up from midday Friday

Further Enquiries / Details for Submission
Phone (only 4pm to 7pm Monday to Friday)
Julie Murphy (trade stalls)- 0438 067 992
Facebook: Victorian goldfields medieval faire

The VGMF is predominantly a medieval themed event with food, plant, art and craft market, all goods being sold by the makers or growers of these goods. The sale of other items at the marketplace is at the discretion of the Organising Committee (“VGMF Event Management”) and their decision is final.

1.1 Persons requesting a stall at the marketplace must first complete an Application Form.
1.2 All applications must include a full description of the products or services to be offered and the applicant’s involvement in the creation of these products/services
1.3 Acceptance of applications is at the discretion of VGMF Event Management and is based on the information given by the applicant on their application, meeting the approved product criteria, quality, product mix and regulatory certificate requirements.
1.4 VGMF Event Management reserves the right to reject applications and not enter into any correspondence or otherwise explain the reason for its decision. All decisions are final.
1.5 Stall allocations are totally at the discretion of VGMF Event Management.

2.1 Stallholders may sell only those items that have been sanctioned by the VGMF Event Management. Stallholders will be asked to remove items if they have not received approval. Failure to comply with these rules may result in withdrawal of our agreement for you to trade at the Marketplace. To add new products, Stallholders must make a request in writing. Products cannot be added to a stall unless approved by VGMF Event Management.
2.2 Goods sold within the Marketplace must be principally designed, grown or produced by the stallholder. The stallholder may be asked to produce evidence to satisfy the VGMF Event Management of these matters and its decision shall be final.
2.3 It is the responsibility of the stallholder to ensure that their products conform to all safety or compliance requirements.
2.4 Any false statement or deliberate concealment of fact regarding any part of this agreement will result in the immediate termination of this agreement.
2.5 Raffle tickets may only be sold by members of community groups, who have received permission from the VGMF Event Management.

3.1 The Marketplace operates on Saturday and Sunday between 9.00 am and 5.00 pm. Approved stallholders must attend the marketplace for the full operating hours.
3.2 Stalls are numbered.
3.3 Stallholders may begin setting up their stalls from 6.30 am.
3.4 Vehicles must be removed from the marketplace area by 8:30 am and stallholders must be ready to trade by 9:00 am.
3.5 No vehicles may return to the market area until the site has been packed down
3.6 Any stallholder arriving after 8:30 am must carry all their items into the market area.
3.7 All stallholders must remain on their site until market finishing time at 5:00 pm.
3.8 No vehicle can enter the market area to load up until after 5:30 pm.
3.9 Stalls must be packed down before bringing vehicles into the market area after 5.30pm.

4.1 Stallholders will be charged at the rate of $55 including GST for a single site (with their own insurance) payable by direct deposit within 5 days of written approval.
4.2 For stallholders participating in the group insurance offered by VGMF Event Management, the cost per single site is $66.00 including GST payable by direct deposit within 5 days of written approval.

5.1 The Marketplace will operate in all weather conditions except when a Code Red Day is declared for the Central Fire District. If the Event is cancelled due to a Code Red Day fees paid will be refunded.
5.2 Stallholders are expected to attend regardless of weather conditions. VGMF Event Management will not be held responsible for any loss, damage or injury whatsoever resulting from adverse weather conditions.
5.3 If a stallholder is unable to attend a market, he/she must notify the Marketplace Manager at least 10 days before the Event day. If notice is given after that date, the stallholder will forfeit site fee unless the VGMF Event Management decides otherwise in the light of special circumstances.

6.1 Stallholders must provide their own equipment (e.g. marquees tables, chairs, racks, signage, etc.) and stalls must be presented in a neat and tidy fashion.
6.2 Stallholders must confine their displays and advertising signs to the stall site area and keep all walkways and public areas clear for patrons at all times.
6.3 Marquees and covers must be secured and weighed down at all times. Tent pegs may be used in the market area but must be removed on pack up.
6.4 Stallholders must remove all rubbish from their stalls on completion of the market. Sites must be kept clear of litter and must be left clean at the end of the day. The rubbish bins provided at the event are for the general public use only. Event rubbish bins are not to be used by stallholders for the disposal of packaging and/or preparation materials such as food scraps and cardboard boxes.
6.5 All equipment must be in good repair, be operated in a safe, responsible manner and conform to any General OH&S requirements published by Worksafe Victoria, and any compliance standards pertaining to the handling and use of the stallholders equipment.

7.1 Stallholders are requested to drive within the event area at a safe speed and no more than 5km/h.
7.2 The VGMF Event staff will be available to manage the traffic from 6:30 am on the event day. All drivers and stallholders must acknowledge their authority and follow their directives.

Stallholders must be covered by public liability insurance obtained either from VGMF Inc Insurance or from their own provider.
8.1 The stallholder MUST hold and provide a copy of the following current policy of insurance for the event: Certificate of Currency (Public and Product Liability) for an amount not less than $10,000,000.00 .
8.2 The stallholder indemnifies VGMF Committee against any claim, proceeding, demand or liability (of whatever nature) made in respect of personal injury, death or damage to property arising from the stallholder’s presence / activity at the event.
8.3 All food vendors must provide VGMF Event Management with evidence of their Food Handlers’ Certificates, Street trader Registration and Organic Food Certificate if their product is labelled “Organic”.
8.4 It is the stallholder’s responsibility to apply to Street trader, obtain and pay for any registration which may be required.
8.5 All food stallholders must have product and public liability insurance.
8.6 Food stallholders must comply with any Local, State and Federal Health Regulations and Food Acts. Failure to comply with health department standards and regulations may result in immediate closure of stalls.
8.7 Mobile food catering vehicles using LPG must be fitted with a current compliance plate from Energy Safe Victoria or equivalent body, a fire blanket and suitable fire extinguisher.
8.8 All foods including beverages must be prepared, displayed, served and stored in a manner that will protect them from contamination and spoilage.
8.9. All cooked and ready to eat food must not be touched with bare hands. Raw and cooked food must be separated at all times.
8.10 Anyone involved in the cooking and serving process is to be suitably attired in clean protective clothing.
8.11 All food stallholders must keep their sites tidy, sanitary and smoke free during operation.
8.12 Stallholders must ensure that they comply with any safety and compliance standards pertaining to their equipment.

9.1 Stallholders must ensure that all electrical appliances, equipment and power leads are labelled with a current test tag in accordance with all relevant State and Federal laws.
9.2 Power outlets are limited and may only be used with the permission of VGMF Event Management.
9.3 Electrical cords must not extend beyond the property boundary.
9.4 All gas and electrical appliance installation must be safe, certified and must have operating instructions fastened to the appliance, or a manual or procedure provided.
9.5 Victorian Gas Safety (Gas Installation) Regulations prohibit a gas cylinder to be connected to an uncertified appliance.
9.6 All gas cylinders and appliances must be installed securely to prevent movement and be positioned to provide adequate access and ventilation to prevent any possibility of a build-up of LPG vapours should any leakage occur.
9.7 Gas cylinders must be separated from ignition sources such as: electrical equipment or other objects that may produce sparks, ignition or excessive heat.
9.8 Stallholders using gas bottles must ensure that cylinders, valves, connections, and hoses are fit for the purpose and in good working order. Compliance certificates must be available if applicable.
9.9 Stallholders using gas and/or electrical appliances must have suitable fire extinguishers and fire blankets available and positioned in a manner that will allow access to them in the event of a fire. Front and rear of marquees must be fully open when gas is being used.

10.1 Within the Marketplace, or in any circumstances connected to the event, stallholders must not behave in an improper manner, or use language that is foul, threatening or abusive towards VGMF Event Management, other stallholders or the public. Offenders will be asked to permanently leave the Event.
10.2 Stallholders must ensure that their activities do not endanger the health safety or security of any person at the Event.
10.3 Dogs are not permitted in the market area at any time with the exception of guide dogs for the visually impaired or assistant dogs.
10.4 Stallholders are not permitted to smoke within the area of the marketplace.
10.5 VGMF Event Management has no jurisdiction over someone wishing to film a stall or products, but as a stallholder you may object to them doing so.
10.6 VGMF Event Management accepts no responsibility for damage to goods at the Event.
10.7 VGMF Event Management accepts no liability for any damages, or costs whatsoever arising, either directly or indirectly from products sold by stallholders.
10.8 VGMF Event Management accepts no liability for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever occasioned to or suffered by the stallholder, their relief assistant, and/or staff as a result of the use and occupation of the site or in connection with any activity carried out at a site.
10.9 Stallholders must report to the VGMF Event Management any incident or accident to any person or property within the market area that involves loss or could be expected to give rise to a future claim

The VGMF Event Management reserves the right to withhold permission to a stallholder to occupy a site at the Event or remove a stallholder from the Marketplace who does not comply with the stallholder rules and regulations including but not limited to a stallholder:
a. Failing to pay site fees or pay site fees as required by those rules and regulations.
b. Failing to abide by market trading hours including set up and pack up.
c. Selling or making available for sale products not approved by VGMF Event Management.
d. Failing to abide by the Stallholder rules and regulations.
e. Committing a criminal act at the Event.

The VGMF Event Management permits the stallholder to participate in the Event based on the following warranties made by the stallholder:
12.1 The stallholder is the owner of the approved products and has full capacity to sell these products to third parties.
12.2 The stallholder does not bring any hazardous materials to the event.
12.3 The stallholder acknowledges and agrees that VGMF Event Management is not liable for any claim or loss suffered by the stallholder in relation to:
a. Theft or damage of products approved for sale or equipment or goods under the control of the stallholder.
b. Failure by the stallholder to sell the approved products at the market.
c. Any travel to or from the market
d. Damage or injury to any person or property.

The stallholder hereby indemnifies and holds VGMF Event Management harmless from and against all claims for loss arising in connection with:
a. The sale or offer for sale of any approved product or service;
b. Any injury suffered by the stallholder;
c. Any loss or damage to the stallholder’s property regardless of the cause;
d. Any breach of the Stallholder rules and regulations by the stallholder;
e. Any injury or harm caused to another person or property by the stallholder; and/or .
Legal costs on a full indemnity basis incurred by VGMF Event Management as a result of the stallholder’s breach of market rules and regulations.

The stallholder acknowledges and agrees that VGMF Event Management makes no representation or warranty in relation to the stallholder’s occupation or use of the Marketplace. The stallholder acknowledges that the VGMF Event Management made no warranty or representation in relation to:
a. The sales which the stallholder may achieve by selling the approved products at the Event;
b. The number of people who attend the Event and the stallholders access to them;
c. The existence, number or quality of competing approved products for the Marketplace;
d. The position available to the stallholder at the Marketplace;
e. The existence of services and facilities at the Marketplace;
f. The existence or extent of any advertising material to support the Event operation;
g. The existence of any security services at the Event; and/or
h. The location of any approved competing product at the Marketplace.

VGMF Event Management provides a First Aid Service at the event.
The First Aid Service will be available to attend accidents or illness during Event hours only.

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