Wellington Diwali Festival 2020 Food Stall Application Form
Wellington Diwali Festival of Lights 2020 is scheduled on Sunday, 25 October 2020 from 1.30 pm to 9.00 pm at the TSB and Shed 6 venue.

Please complete this application form and submit it by Friday, 4 September 2020.

Only vegetarian food will be permitted to be prepared, cooked and sold at the festival.

If you have any questions, please contact Murali Kumar on 021 685 804, or call an environmental health officer at Wellington City Council on 499 4444.

Successful vendors will be notified by Friday, 18 September 2020. Successful vendors need to ensure that payment for their stalls is made at the vendor’s meeting on Friday, 2 October 2020. Meeting and payment details will be included in your confirmation email.
Please read the following important information for 2020
1. Health and safety: Everyone who sells food at this festival must make sure the food is safe to eat.
1.1 By signing this form you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agree to comply with the food safety guidelines in the form. At the set-up stage and during the festival, Wellington City Council environmental health officers and event organisers will be inspecting stalls to make sure that they comply with the food safety guidelines.
1.2 By signing this form you understand that if your stall is not safe, environmental health officers and event organisers reserve the right to ask you to stop trading, and/or to leave the festival. There will be no refund of the stall fee.
1.3 The organisers will secure an overall license for all food stalls in the festival, and individual stallholders are required to abide by the guidelines.
1.4 By signing this form, the stallholder accepts that food safety is their responsibility and absolves the organisers of any liability related to the sale of food at the festival.
2. Power: The maximum amount of power that will be available for each stall is 7200W. Please ensure that you check the amount of watts/amps your appliance requires (normally found on a sticker on the back or bottom of the appliance) and ensure the total does not exceed the allocation. All appliances you intend to use at the festival must have been tested and tagged by a qualified electrician in the past 12 months. All test tags must be properly displayed, and details on the test tag visible and legible. Appliances will be checked before they are plugged in to ensure power continuity at the event. Our electrician onsite will turn off any equipment that does not comply with the venue regulations.
3. Hire equipment: Carlton Party Hire and Hiremaster have offered stallholders a 10 percent discount for equipment. They will also charge a reduced rate for delivery to and from the event where there are a number of stallholders receiving equipment at one time. So make sure you let them know the name of the event if you make place an order for Diwali.
4. Cooking: You will only be able to use electricity to cook with at the festival; you will not be able to use gas or charcoal. If you are deep-frying, please bring a thick piece of custom board or timber to put under your fryer.
Please note the following important points:
• Protective non-slip mat to be placed and taped under the frying/cooking area
• cooking equipment (including deep fryer) cannot face, and must not be within reach of customers. This needs to be set up at the back of the stall to avoid splashing hot oil into customers/ customers touching hot cooking surfaces.
• deep fryer if used, must be placed on stands. If deep fryer is set up on a table, protective mat must be placed under the deep fryer on the table
• oil needs to cool down to a safe temperature before moving fryer
• electrical cabling to be taped down and secured to ensure non tripping hazards within the stall area.
• all stall holders are responsible for cleaning any oil spillage. And
• stall holders must take all reasonable steps to ensure the area has been made as safe as possible, and inform the Stall Manager if there are any types of trip hazards.
• only trained staff should operate cooking equipment at all times
• there are no facilities to dispose of used cooking oil on site. Oil will need to be taken away by all stall holders at the end of the event.
5. Kai to Compost is a recycling scheme. Food waste from the festival will be collected and recycled. This year, we will only accept stalls/vendors who agree to sell food with compostable packaging. This includes plates, takeaway containers, coffee cups, including cutlery.
6. Payment: Payments for the stalls will be required when the stall has been approved to operate at the festival. Payment details will be included in your confirmation letter /email and, if approved, payment must be made by Friday, 2 October 2020.

Please note: we encourage you to prepare food that is iconic or unique to your nation/region and not readily available in restaurants in Wellington. By doing this you will enhance the novelty and authenticity of the event.

The following items will be provided by the event organisers
• 3 x tables
• 2 x chairs
• 3 x 10A Single Phase Supplies
• 1 x shared refrigeration (space will be limited, so ensure you have your own chilly-bin at your site)
• Hand-washing facilities
• Water for cooking purposes

Please ensure you read the Food stall information reference to ensure you follow Wellington City Council health and safety requirements. You may bring your own cooking equipment or you can hire it from hire companies such as:
Carlton Party Hire
10 Seaview Road
Phone: 568 9732
Website: www.carltonpartyhire.co.nz

16 McCormack Place
Phone: 385 2000
Website: www.hiremaster.co.nz

Pre-event preparation and set up
1. It is preferable that all food is prepared at registered food premises, such as restaurants and other food shops etc. Preparation of food in a domestic kitchen (such as your own home) is not recommended.
2. Food must be purchased and prepared as close as possible to the time of the event. If prepared the night before, all readily perishable food must be refrigerated at a temperature of 4°C or below.
3. Food must be transported and stored on site in covered containers and cold-stored in a refrigerator or chilly bin at 4°C or below, or hot-stored at 60°C or above. It is recommended that you use a thermometer to check the temperature of the food to ensure it meets those requirements.
4. Food must be stored at least 450mm above the ground. You may need to bring a separate table for storage of boxes with food in them, etc.
5. For public safety, any cooking unit must not be facing the public or be accessible to the public. Stallholders utilising open fires (e.g. BBQs) must have access to a fire extinguisher or fire blanket.

During the event
6. Preparation of food at the event, as distinct from cooking of food, must be kept to a minimum.
7. People handling food must wear appropriate protective clothing to protect the food from contamination by their clothes and/or hair.
8. People handling food must take care to regularly wash their hands. The following are to be available at the food stall:
• supply of running water, collection bucket for dirty water, liquid soap and paper towels; and
• a good supply of protective gloves.
9. People preparing and cooking food should not handle money.
10. Containers of food must be covered to prevent any contamination from dust, flies, birds, animals, etc and uncovered only for the minimum amount of time needed for cooking and sale.
11. Cooked food, or vegetables eaten raw (lettuce, grated carrot etc) must not come into contact with raw meats or any surfaces or utensils used to prepare raw meats.
12. Ensure you have enough cooking utensils (tongs, spoons, knives etc). It is advisable to bring more than you think you may need so that you have spares if some get contaminated, dropped onto the ground, etc.
13. Ensure all hot food is placed in a food warmer after cooking, or served immediately. Keep readily perishable food hot (at or above 60°C) or cold (at or below 4°C). It is recommended you use a thermometer to ensure this is the case.
14. Ensure you have enough ice to keep food cold in chilly bins, etc. It is advisable to have someone who is able to obtain more ice as and when required to keep the food cold.
15. Only single service containers are permitted for the use of public (disposable plates, cups, knives, forks, etc).
16. Stallholders are required to have ready access to toilets, and to running water for the washing of hands and cleaning of utensils.
17. All rubbish generated at your food stall must be kept tidily in bins with plastic liners and removed from the site at the end of the day or as they get full.
2020 food stall fees (Please check/tick one) *
Name of festival/fair: *
Name of person operating the stall: *
Name of stall: *
Phone: *
Mobile: *
Physical address: *
Email address: *
Food to be sold: *
Where will the food be prepared? *
Will the food be prepared in facilities registered under the Food Hygiene Regulations 1974? *
Where and how will the food be stored prior to delivery to the festival site? *
How will the food be transported to the site? (Refrigerated? Insulated containers?) *
What food preparation will be done at the festival? *
What access to hand-washing and toilet facilities do you have? *
How will you store the food during the festival? *
What cooking equipment will you have as part of your stall? *
Are you bringing a thermometer to the event for food temperature control? *
How will you protect food from contamination from dust, birds, and customers? *
Have you had any training in the safe handling of food? *
Please list all electrical equipment you are bringing, along with the other details (Appliance Name, How many watts? How many amps? Does it have an electrical tag? What is the date on the test tag?) All equipment must be listed - any items not listed will not be able to be used at the event. Additional charges may apply if your electrical equipment exceeds the total allocation of 7200W. Please note the details of any electrical plugs whichare non-standard 3 pin 10amp. For example: Breville Rice cooker - 500 Watts - 2.27 amps - Has an electrical tag - test tag date 01 July 2020 *
I have read and understood these guidelines and understand that if I do not meet the requirements I maybe required to leave Diwali Festival of Lights on the day by the event organiser or environmental health officer. *
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