The State of the Arts Mentor/Mentee 2019 Application Form
Please fill out the form and submit by August 28, 2019, 5pm. There is a submission fee of $25 to off-set the awards for selected artists:
Artwork will be juried by Courtney Kessel, artist and Gallery Coordinator, School of Art + Design faculty and a special guest juror will be selected to choose the awards, to be announced.
Notifications of acceptance: by email, Thursday, August 30

Artists and artist groups may submit up to three works for consideration. Email submitted images and/or videos (we would prefer links to online videos) to with the image specifications: file name as Lastname_firstname_01.jpg and Lastname_firstname_01_detail.jpg, to correspond to your submitted application. Images should be saved to 72ppi and 1500 x 1500 pixels on any one side. We will request hi-res images later for publicity and promotion of the exhibition and the participating artists.

Selected artists will have the opportunity to choose one work from a current or recently graduated student to exhibit next to their work. Once selected, a form will be emailed for the teacher to fill out for that work.

Exhibition: State of the Arts
Exhibition dates: Sept. 17 - Oct. 14, 2019
Location: Ohio University Art Gallery, 536 Seigfred Hall, Athens, Ohio, 45701

Closing reception: Monday, October 14 at 5:00 - 7:00pm (artists are free to take work home with them after the reception)

Artists are responsible for shipping their work to and from the gallery. Please include additional shipping label for return shipping in the package.
Shipping Address:
Ohio University Art Gallery c/o Courtney Kessel
528 Seigfred Hall, 20 Church Street
Athens, Ohio, USA 45701

Work arrival by: September 11, 2019 @ 5pm
In-person work delivery: 12-3 pm on Saturday, September 7 and Sunday, September 8
In-person work pick-up after closing reception or: 12-3 pm, Saturday, October 19 and Sunday, October 20

***PLEASE HAVE ALL ARTWORK 'READY TO HANG' OR EXHIBITION READY!!! - This means that the work needs to be framed with or without plexi-glass (not glass!) and with wire on back of frames or canvases ready to hang on the wall. If the work is meant to be displayed without a frame or plexi, you must provide installation instructions and hanging hardware.

Incoming Loan Condition
The OUAG will exercise the same care with respect to loans as it does in the safe keeping of comparable property of its own.

Packing and Shipping
The OUAG requests condition reports from the object(s) from the Lender. Existing damage or imperfections of the object must be noted. The OUAG cannot be responsible for objects not packed properly. Objects should be in crates or soft packed with double-strength cardboard and bubble wrap.

Unless the Lender elects to maintain own insurance coverage, the OUAG will insure the loan wall-to-wall under its fine arts policy.

Display Period
Loans shall remain in the gallery for the time specified on this form.

Repair Responsibility
If an object is received in a pre-existing unstable condition, the Lender will assume full financial responsibility for any alteration, restoration or repair necessary for exhibition purposes. Evidence of damage at the time of receipt or while in the OUAG’s custody will be reported immediately to the lender. The Lender will be requested to provide written authorization for any alteration, restoration or repair.

Public Relations
Unless the OUAG is notified in writing to the contrary, it is understood that it may photograph and reproduce loans in its publications and for publicity purposes, including video recording and digital photography, and distributed by the OUAG for educational use. It is understood that the general public may photograph objects on exhibit.

By submitting this form, you agree to the above and below conditions:
I understand that video, photographs, or reproductions have been made which I may appear. I agree to let University Communications and Marketing, its subsidiaries, and its agents publish or make other public use of these videos, photographs, and other reproductions.

I also agree to give University Communications and Marketing, its subsidiaries, and its agents all responsibility and authority for inspecting, approving and selecting these pictures.

While University Communications and Marketing agrees not to make any deliberate distortion or other alteration of these pictures, I agree not to hold it liable for any distortion or alteration that may result.

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