Become a Lead Sponsor with USPUK
We are calling on people who are active members of their community to act as Lead Sponsors, helping us find homes for the 3500+ Ukrainian individuals & families who are still waiting to move to the UK.

Lead Sponsors will work with us under our Communities for Ukraine programme (in partnership with Citizens UK). A Lead Sponsor must represent at least 3 other families in their community who can also offer homes. The Lead Sponsor will be supported by Citizens UK and USPUK in matching Ukrainians with themselves and their other host families. This process should provide smooth and efficient matching for both hosts and guests, with additional support after the Ukrainian family or individual has arrived in the UK.

If you are already housing a Ukrainian family, you can still be a Lead Sponsor if you can be responsible for another 3 families in your community.

To become a Lead Sponsor you must provide a letter of recommendation from someone in your community who has known you for at least 3 years and can testify for your good character. The letter should be headed, addressed to USPUK & it’s partners, and it should include information about you as a person and why you would be good for the role.

(If the letter of recommendation comes from a registered charity please make sure the registered charity number is stated)

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In order to become a Lead Sponsor you must realise and accept the following responsibilities:
I can find a minimum of 3 hosts in my community to offer accommodation and support to a Ukrainian individual/family for a minimum of 6 months. *
I understand that I will work with Citizens UK and USPUK, follow their guidelines for the Communities for Ukraine scheme. *
I am ready to act as the coordinator and main point of contact, working with Citizens UK and USPUK. *
I am able to provide an initial assessment of my community hosts and their accommodation. *
I can ensure the hosts receive the training and resources they need to fully support their guests (Citizens UK and USPUK provide training, resources and support). *
I will treat each applicant the same and not pass any judgement or reject an applicant based on gender, race, political or religious preferences. *
I will monitor and evaluate the Ukrainian guests and their hosts. *
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