Carmi-White County Unit #5 Technology Survey
This survey will be used to determine technology capabilities and to meet the needs of our students.
(Survey due by Friday, March 27th)
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Do you have wifi at your home? This could also be in the form of using a hotspot. *
If you do have wifi, is it reliable?
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If you do have service, are there any limitations (EX:-Spotty Service, Data Limits). Please type in your answer.
If you do not have service and a mobile hotspot could be provided, would it work in your area?
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What type of electronic device(s) do you have available for your student to utilize? PLEASE CHECK ALL THAT APPLY. (Pre-K through 3rd Grade only)
If you have a laptop or desktop, do you run on Windows or Mac? Please check one. * (Pre-K through 3rd only)
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Additional comments or questions regarding technology or digital learning.
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