SQ 2018 Adult Reader Registration
At long last, Summer Quest 2018 Opens to Adults.

Okay, so our program isn't quite as extensive as the kid one because this was originally designed to be aimed at students.
That said, adults are now allowed to register. Please be aware that almost everything on our list is either YA or MG though.

How this works:
1) You sign up here.
2) You read as many of the books as you possibly can FROM OUR LIST.
3) Last week of August, you fill out the adult raffle prize form with the # of books you completed.
4) I will pick winners ~ 9/2/18, notify them, and send them their awesomeness.

What's the prize? I don't know. I'm thinking at least $25 amazon gift code and a paperback book or two from my collection (US winners only on the book, unless book depository carries the title you want).

Go here to find the reading list: http://www.fellowshipoffantasy.com/fantastic-writes/summer-reading-quest

If you have additional questions or concerns, please email Julie C. Gilbert at devyaschildren@gmail.com. (Just put Summer Reading Quest or SRQ as part of your subject to help me pull it from spam if it gets sucked in.)
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