Limited In-Person Instruction
Administration and staff are preparing for the possibility of additional instruction during Comprehensive Distance Learning. This time on campus could occur in the afternoons during the Applied Learning Time. This voluntary, supplemental instructional time is called Limited In-Person Instruction.

NOTE: Cohorts will be assigned based on identified need for the supplemental instruction.

There are some very strict guidelines for Limited In-Person Instruction from the Oregon Department of Education and the Oregon Health Authority.
#1 - Student groups or cohorts can be a maximum of 20
#2 - A student can only be part of 2 different cohorts - including transportation - in a week.
#3 - The maximum amount of time on campus in a day would be 2 hours

If you are interested in having your child or children participate in Limited In-Person Instruction, please complete the informational survey below so that building staff can begin to coordinate and schedule cohort, activity and transportation groups.

Link to Lane County School Health Exclusion Status - Home Screener -
Link to Lane County Public Health Covid Daily Symptoms Screener -

Initial survey will be open thru the next forum session and closes out on November 19, 2020.
Your Name (Parent or Guardian): *
Best Phone Contact Number: *
Your email address *
Schools that your students attend in the district - *
Name(s) of student(s) enrolled in the school district: *
#1 - Will your child or children need bus transportation? *
#2 - Transportation address of students for potential Limited In-Person Instruction - this is critical for safe cohorting with transportation limits.
#3 - If your child does not need bus transportation, how would they be getting to school?
Clear selection
#4 - What types of supplemental supports are most important to you and your child?
For the health and safety of all students and staff, any student that may attend limited in-person instruction needs to be healthy and free of any Covid-19 symptoms - While on campus for limited in-person instruction students and staff will be required to wear a mask or face shield (unless otherwise determined by a medical professional) and maintain proper physical distancing from others.
#5 - I have read and understand the above requirements for COVID-19 screening. Before sending my child or children to the bus or school, I will attest that they are healthy and symptom free of any Covid-19 symptoms to protect the health and safety of other students and staff. *
#6 - If a student becomes ill during limited in-person instruction, I understand that they will need to be isolated from others and be picked up from school as soon as possible. *
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