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If you are a company looking for investors, please fill out this form to request to present. The purpose of this form is to assess your financial strategy to see if it is a good fit for our iClub members. There is no gaurantee that you will be selected to present.

Disclaimer: We are NOT registered brokers and this solicitation should not be construed as forming a brokerage relationship or an attorney client relationship.
By filling out this form, I certify that I have completed all necessary legal paperwork to raise funds from investors. I further certify and understand that KAAG is not providing any brokerage services and that NO COMPENSATION whatsoever will be rendered to KAAG as a result of introductions to any investors. *
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DISCLAIMER: You understand and agree that by filling out this form you consent to the following: (1) KAAG is under no obligation to match you with any investors (2) That the individuals or organizations we may match you with have underwent preliminary vetting but you will do your own due diligence (3) That you agree to hold harmless and imdemnify KAAG and everyone associated with it, formally or informally, for any referrals and/or investments you make as result and (4) You will be added to KAAG's biweekly enewsletter and CRM system. *
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