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If you are a company looking for investors, please fill out this form. THIS IS ONLY FOR CURRENT KAAG CLIENTS. How do you become a client of ours, contact us at or set up a time to chat at and we can discuss how to become our client.

If I should come across investors that fit your profile, I will do an email introduction between the 2 of you. However, there is NO GAURANTEE or OBLIGATION created on behalf of KAAG, its employees, representatives, officers, owners or contractors to do such.
By filling out this form, I certify that I am a current client of KAAG which means I currently have a signed retainer agreement on file with the firm, currently receiving legal or services or will in the near future and have a retainer balance with the firm. *
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DISCLAIMER: You understand and agree that by filling out this form you consent to the following: (1) KAAG is under no obligation to match you with any investors (2) That the individuals or organizations we may match you with have not been vetted by KAAG so you will do your own due diligence and (3) That you agree to hold harmless and imdemnify KAAG and everyone associated with it, formally or informally, for any referrals and/or investments you make as result.
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