Single use cup survey - for coffee vendors
So, you sell coffees. Great coffees. And that (probably) means that you sell single use coffee cups.

You are not alone, nor are you being singled out. It is estimated that 295,000,000 single use cups are consumed in Aotearoa annually. Thanks for answering some questions. There is no judgement here - we just want to find a solution.

We humans are using resources at a fierce rate. Much of these are used once and discarded.
How much do you care about our society's waste issue in general?
I don't care
I care deeply
How important do you feel it is for our society to address this waste issue in general?
I don't care
It's super important
How does your company/coffee outlet do in regards to reducing and managing waste in general?
We are part of the problem
We are part of the solution
How empowered do you personally feel to be a part of the solution?
I feel powerless
I feel completely empowered
How empowered do you feel that your coffee outlet can be a part of the solution?
We feel powerless
We feel completely empowered
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