SBS Interest Survey for Fall 2020
Welcome to Side By Side Houston! We are so happy you are interested in SBS. Unfortunately because of the pandemic we are having to reformat our meetings for the fall semester. Traditionally both groups meet for a book discussion and socials, with the morning group offering childcare, but we do not think this is possible with the current status of the pandemic. In lieu of our traditional meetings we have thought of several ideas for how we can continue to encourage each other during this time. We would love to hear your input. Please let us know your thoughts by filling our this survey. (This information will only be shared with the leaders of Side by Side Houston.)

In the meantime you can connect with us at or on our Facebook page, "Side by Side Houston." We highly suggest connecting on the Facebook page if you have a Facebook account! Please note though that there is some delay in joining the group, since it is a private group and a leader must approve you. We look forward to connecting with you! We are in this together!
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