1000 Smiles Application 2021
Jamaica - St. Lucia - Grenada - NEW in 2021 TURKS & CAICOS!


We have CONDITIONAL approval for our projects. We're awaiting FINAL approval from our host country's government. You'll know, as soon as we know!

For now, APPLY AWAY!!
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Email Address (if you are a dental or hygiene student please provide us with a non-school address HERE): *
Please note, if you are filling out an application for multiple people, YOU MUST provide a unique email address for each application you are completing. We CAN NOT send multiple DocuSign packets (volunteer paperwork) to the same (one) email address. Dental and hygiene students please list your school email as your alternate in the next question.
Please provide an alternate email address in case of technical difficulties: *
Occassionally, we have technical challenges with DocuSign (especially with university emails) so it's helpful to have a 2nd email on file if you have one. If you don't have an alternate email please write N/a below. Dental and hygiene students, please list your school email address here.
Your Profession *
I am a:
If you are a dental/dental hygiene student or supervising dentist/hygienist which school group are you with?
If you selected "Other" for school group please fill in what the name of your school is:
Please select the one week that would be your first choice to volunteer: *
In the box below, please list alternate weeks that you are available and willing to go if your first choice is not available *
Limited Two Week Spaces: *
The majority of our volunteer spaces are one week spaces, however we do have very limited two week spaces that are granted based on availability, volunteer seniority, clinic need, etc. If you’d like to apply for a 2 week space please send an email to papajoe@greatshapeinc.org and copy tiffany@greatshapeinc.org
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Dentists/Hygienists: If you've volunteered with us before is this your first time registering as a dentist or hygienist in the country you've applied for?
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Gender *
Birthdate *
(MM/DD/YYYY) Be sure to type this date in. Please don't use the drop down arrow because it auto defaults to the current year.
Including this year, how many years have you volunteered on this project? *
Ex: If this is your first year volunteering you would select "2021 will be my first year volunteering" otherwise you'll select how many years you've volunteered
T-Shirt Size *
Travel Documents *
Every visitor to Jamaica/St. Lucia/Grenada/Turks & Caicos is required to have a valid passport that does not expire during your dates of travel. In addition, citizens of certain countries (not including USA or Canada) MAY need a VISA. All volunteers must submit their passport number and expiration date with their Ministry of Health paperwork. If you have any questions about travel documents please contact shantelle@greatshapeinc.org. Please bubble the following now:
Please tell us about your travel docs here: *
List the country that your passport was/will be issued in: *
Passport # *
If you are waiting on your passport # you can put "PENDING" in the box below. Email your passport number to imani@greatshapeinc.org & copy tiffany@greatshapeinc.org once you've received it.
If this is your first year, what is the specific NAME of the person, group, publication, organization, or search engine that told you about us?
If you are a returning volunteer would you be willing to speak with a first time volunteer of your same profession about what to expect? If so, we will connect you by email and you can make arrangements to speak by phone if needed.
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Emergency Contact Information *
Name, Phone Number, Relationship
Serious Medical Conditions/Medications, Allergies we should be aware of in Case of Emergency *
You can write N/a if there are none
Roommate Preferences
Because the number of rooms that Sandals donates to our program are limited, we always place 3 persons to a room on our project. We make exceptions for couples, family members or friends who are willing to pay extra to secure a private room (1 or 2 persons only) on a space available basis. Volunteers are placed with people they choose as roommates, whenever possible. If you do not have 2 roommates in advance, no problem! We will place you with same gender volunteers in a way that best matches you as possible. We ask everyone to be flexible in the spirit of the project. By participating, you are accepting the possibility that we may not be able to meet your roommate preferences.
Do you have 1 or 2 other roommates confirmed yet?
This means that you have talked to them and you all agree on the same thing.
Clear selection
If yes, what is/are their name(s):
Will you be joining our project as a couple? If so, please provide the name of your significant other:
Couples: 3rd project fee, bring someone else or room separately
If you would prefer to have your privacy, if space allows and is approved, you can pay a 3rd project fee to guarantee a room for two. Please let us know which of these statements best describes your rooming situation
Clear selection
Private Room For Self, Family or Friends
If you are not a couple, but you would still prefer to have a private room for only yourself or for only you and 1 other person, please let us know the name of who you will be rooming with, or if you are requesting a room for only yourself, write “Self” below. Please note that a room for 2 requires 3 project fees to be split by the two persons or paid by all by one person. Please note that a room for self requires 3 project fees and is often not available.
Paying for Private Room For Self, Family or Friends
If you would prefer to have your privacy, if space allows and is approved, you can pay a 3rd project fee to guarantee a room for two or self. Please let us know which of these statements best describes your rooming situation
Clear selection
If you don't have confirmed roommates, then what is your general bed time:
Clear selection
Other Roommate Concerns?
Teammate Preferences:
Please tell us who you prefer to work with or any other teammate concerns:
Clinic Preferences:
Great Shape! operates 3 to 4 clinics in rural community settings within 1 hour of our host hotel. In addition, we operate a staff clinic at each Sandals hotel with 1 or 2 chairs. Please indicate by checking your preference/willingness to work at the Sandals staff clinic as noted below:
Clear selection
Please note any other location preferences here:
If Dentist:
We ask all our volunteers to be flexible with work assignments and often our dentists find themselves outside of their regular "comfort zones" in terms of age groups served, procedures performed and/or equipment available to do the work. The following questions are designed to help us best place you on the project. First please select what type of dentist you are:
If you selected "Other," what type of dentist are you?
Procedures: How willing/comfortable are you in doing restorations and extractions.
For example, if you are a dentist that specializes in oral surgery or if you are a dentist that prefers working with children let us know that here.
Current dental license #
State that your current dental license is registered under:
If Hygienist:
Please tell us what kind of hygienist or any other information about your specialty or experience that you may have that will help us understand how to best place you on our teams. For example, if you are a hygienist that specializes in restorative work or loves placing sealants on children's teeth, please let us know that.
If Hygienist, are you licensed and comfortable doing restorative?
Clear selection
Clear selection
Do you have a Cavitron to bring with you?
Clear selection
Current dental hygiene license #
State that your current dental hygiene license is registered under:
If you are a recent graduate dentist or hygienist, but do not have your license yet let us know here.
Let us know when you expect to receive your license.
If a Dental Student: What year are you at the present moment?
List the procedures that you have performed in clinic prior to your participation in the program:
Ex: Cleanings, simple fillings, complex fillings, simple extractions, and surgical extractions
If Dental Assistant by profession...are you trained to do sealants?
Clear selection
Do you have any other expanded functions? If so, please tell us below:
If you selected “Other”, please tell us what your profession is and what experience, if any, you have had in the dental field, international travel or humanitarian work.
If non dental professional...we ask all of our non dental professionals to be flexible with their support role. You may even be asked to change jobs in the middle of the project. Please rank the roles below in order of preference:
Sterilization: works in the clinic sterilizing instruments and general clinic support. Dental Assistant: Provides chair side assistance to dentist, comforts patients. Patient Registration: Manages the patient list and getting patients into empty chairs. Education team: Visits schools to teach oral hygiene and distribute brushes and paste. X-ray Radiography Assistant: Operates the imaging software used to view x-rays. Captures x-ray images on a digital x-ray system with the assistance of a dental professional.
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First Choice:
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Second Choice:
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Third Choice:
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Fourth Choice:
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Fifth Choice:
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Other Requests or Concerns:
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