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Which Rarindra's picture?
Which of Rarindra's pictures you wish to know how to edit? (Please drop the link from OR ). Please provide 4-5 pictures that I will later choos only 2 pictures. Because some pictures are too simple to learn and some are too complicated.
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Please choose the date you prefer for online course. This means the date in your place (not Rarindra's place).
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Rarindra live in Jakarta, Indonesia. Working time: (Jakarta time) 8 am - 11 pm. But anyway please pick the best time for you to learn. I.e You live in London and you prefer to book at 3 pm, then it means 9 pm in Jakarta.
How if our time schedule don't match?
Yes I understand and ready to book via and transfer to (copy-paste this email please)

I have two emails: and Both are active. THANK YOU for contacting me.
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