Repair Request
This service is for anyone wanting to support our program, or that is struggling with income who needs assistance in repairing their own, or their child's bicycle.

We will contact you after receiving your request about when and where to bring your bicycle for repairs. In some instances we do pick up and deliver for an extra charge.
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Who's bicycle needs to be repaired? (name & relationship) *
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How is this bicycle used on a regular basis?
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We do repairs at normal bike shop costs for community members, and discounted costs for those struggling financially. Please select your situation.
Do your best to describe what is wrong with the bicycle, & what it may need? *
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Our bicycle repairs are done by youth apprentices. Are you ok with a youth apprentice working on your bicycle? *
Though we do not charge for labor, our parts do cost some money. We will give you a quote prior to doing any repairs. Do you understand that this service may not be entirely free? *
We focus on training youth first, so repairs may take longer than usual. Do you understand that bicycles may be held longer for repairs than the average bike shop? *
Being a youth work experience, our apprentices will be contacting you through the repair process. You may have an inexperienced communicator calling you. Will you be patient with our youth in this process? *
Where or how did you hear about us? *
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Can we share your story, and pictures of the recipiants of this repair on social media? *
Please consider "liking" us on Facebook and leaving us a positive review. If at any time our youth offer poor service, communicate with us on how to coach and encourage these youth to change and success.
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