Project Collaboration Proposal
This form is the first step to conducting research in collaboration with the R.J. Cook Agronomy Farm. Completing this form will help initiate a discussion with CAF scientists to ensure your research can be accommodated.

One or more CAF scientists will reach out to you after reviewing the contents of this form and arrange a meeting to discuss details. Following this discussion, if all members agree to move forward with the project, a second form will need to be completed to register your project.
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Project Lead
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Project Information
Project description *
A brief narrative summary of the project. Include project objectives and data collection efforts.
Site type and location *
Describe type of site(s) required and specific location(s) desired (if known).
Methods, resources required, and site impact *
Describe methods, resources required from NSARU (e.g. planting crops, applying amendments, using Giddings probe) and potential impacts of the study on the site. Include the size and number of plots and whether additions, removals, or manipulations are planned, if soil sampling will occur, sensors installed, how deep will soil sampling be, how many samples will be taken, and what level of collaboration and help from NSAR would be expected. Please be specific so we can get back to you as soon as possible. 
Study duration and activity intensity *
Describe planned or potential duration in number of years, and sampling intensity in terms of active study periods, including months of the year and the frequency and length of visits. Include approximate start and end dates for the project.
Primary funding source *
Primary liaison at CAF *
This is the person that will assume responsibility for your activities
Other collaborators at CAF *
Have you and your team members read the CAF-LTAR's Field Requirements and Guidelines? *
Have you and your team members read the CAF-LTAR's Laboratory Requirements and Guidelines? *
Have you and your team members read the CAF-LTAR's Data Requirements and Guidelines? *
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