NZGDC 2021 Speaker Application
Apply to speak at NZGDC 2021! All speakers receive a complimentary NZGDC 2021 pass.

As a reminder, our theme this year is "Adaptability". Your session is not required to follow the theme, but the theme can be used as a guideline or idea.

Due to Covid uncertainty, we will not be flying any international speakers into New Zealand unless there is an established Travel Bubble (Australia) at the time of the conference. If you are in a Travel Bubble with New Zealand we can negotiate assistance into the country. This means that all in person speakers will need to be in New Zealand on the dates of the August 4-6 (and/or Student Day on August 7).

We will however be offering spaces for digital talks for international guests and others who cannot travel to Wellington New Zealand for the conference. These will be presented to a live audience via an online stream with optional questions from the audience afterwards.

Also due to Covid we will also be requiring all speakers to do a digital recording of their talk before the conference as a backup in case of city/national lock down level increases. This way we can still share everyone's hard work with the Game Dev community.

Please email with any questions.

Applications close May 31.
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