Missing Auggie Beta Reader
I'm busy getting Missing Auggie, my third book, ready for the summer of 2019. Part of the process includes letting readers give me feedback on the draft to help me determine what's working and what needs to be changed. I'm looking for some readers to take on the task of becoming a Beta Reader this summer and fall. Here's how it will work:
Missing Auggie has eighteen chapters and the beta read should only take six weeks to complete. Each week you will be sent another three chapters. When you're done, you will have a questionnaire to answer here as a Google form. The questions will focus on content related to the chapters you're reading, but you always want to keep track of what you think happened and who you think did *it*. As a thank you, you will get a free ebook copy of Missing Auggie and a "thank you" in the acknowledgements.
For now, I just need your name, contact information, and answers to a few questions to help me understand the POV you'll bring to the reading.
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