Co-working w/ Kinnect
Hi! If we haven't met, we are Kinnect Wellness Network, a non-profit organization dedicated to increasing racial equity for Black and Brown folks through wellness, professional development, and community partnerships. You can learn more about us here:

Co-working w/ Kinnect addresses all three pillars and is an opportunity to: 
  1. Network with other therapists (and other wellness professionals. Let's build up our referral sources and a consultation crew!
  2. Find community support. Solo practice can be isolating. Or maybe you're in group practice stressed working for someone else...or for yourself. It happens.
  3. Brainstorm ideas and collaborations. We are so much better collaborating and not competing. What is needed in the community? How do we work twice as smart and not reinvent the wheel? How can we leverage our individual strengths and interests into making a difference in our community and own lives?
  4. Body double. Get caught up on admin things or marketing--all those tedious or time-consuming things become easier to do when we work with accountability partners. There's not yet sufficient formal research but many folks with ADHD rave about the benefits (and actually, that's exactly how we came up with the co-working idea).
  5. Shut down your week. Go into your weekend stress free (or maybe inspired) with your week wrapped up 'til Monday.

Depending on interest, we could offer this every week but in rotating locations to provide more convenience to various people throughout the metroplex. An example could look like the following:
-Week 1: Central Dallas - Every first Friday at 2 pm
-Week 2: Arlington - Every second Saturday at 10 am
-Week 3: Garland - Every third Thursdays at 5 pm
-Week 4: Virtual -Every fourth Fridays at 11 am

*The total time reserved may be about 2-3 hrs, though clinicians could come for any amount of time that they needed.

We will also be looking for volunteers to host. We envision this being a person who agrees to stay the entire time to ensure no one is alone, keep the meeting on track, be the contact for the reservation that day, and get some type of photos/videos from the meet up. This could be someone that wants to host just once, quarterly, monthly, or occassionally; we will set the schedule by quarter. As a token of gratitude, the host will also receive $20 towards their food/beverages each time.

So that this can be effective, we want to gather information from those interested so that we can partner with locations that make sense on days and times that make sense. We will adjust frequency based on interest as well.

Thank you in advance!
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