TED Talk: Sam Richards
Watch the TED Talk from Penn State Professor Sam Richards titled“The Wisdom of Sociology” given in Lacador, Brazil in April 2014. Watch the lecture and answer the questions below.
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1. According to Richards what is the basic core understanding of Sociology? *
2. How does Richards use the example of Menopause to show the sociological perspective of inter-connectedness and more so about how to think like a sociologist? *
3. According to Richards is anything really a personal decision? Use information from the example of suicide to explain your answer. *
4. Do you agree with Richards’ girlfriend that people are not truly free or not? Explain your answer. *
5. How will Richards’ training as a sociologist cause him to view the world differently? *
6. Building off of the core idea of sociology he presents in the beginning of his speech and his explanations throughout his speech come up with a holistic explanation for what is sociology *
7. Come up with a social situation of your own and explain how a sociologist might view it differently than someone else might *
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