AHFE Conference Attendee Survey
2022 - Hyatt Regency, Milwaukee, WI
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Have you attended the conference before?
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If this was your first time attending, how did you hear about the conference?
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What was your registration type for the conference?
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Why did you attend the conference?
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How do you rate the venue?
Unsatisfactory - the venue did not meet my needs as an attendee
Excellent - the venue met all of my expectations
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Please provide any comments or feedback regarding the venue.
Which workshop track did you attend most?
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How do you rate the content of the workshops?
None of the content was valuable or applicable to my work
The content was valuable and applicable to my work
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Which conference events did you attend?
How do you rate the content of the plenary sessions?
The content was not useful or interesting
The content was useful, interesting, and relevant to my work
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How do you rate the networking opportunities the conference provided?
There were not enough opportunities to network
The networking was great - I reconnected as well as made new contacts
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What could we do to make your conference experience better in the future?
What topics would you like to see in the content of the next conference?
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