Teaching Buddies Volunteer Application Form (Summer 2021)
This is a volunteering application form to become a teaching buddy for majority low-income BIPOC students in the Chicago Public School system over the Summer. Our mission is to make sure that elementary and middle school students, especially those who are the most negatively impacted by COVID, will be able to keep up with their peers during the school year and find learning fun. DUE June 1, 2021

Currently, we are expecting volunteers to teach reading and writing classes and/or math classes of 1-5 in pairs with students in grade levels 1-8. Generally, the time commitment for our volunteers is about 2-3 hours per week per session they teach and our program will run from early July to late August/early September 2021. We will send out an email to everyone that applied with specifics once we know them. Please make sure to check your spam inbox, or report teachingbuddies2020@gmail.com as "Report not spam" in your emails.

If you are a new volunteer, when you sign up, you will be required to sign up for a quick 15 minute interview with one of the members of the leadership team.

All of the information on this form, unless otherwise specified, will be used to create the best matches between students and volunteers and will only be seen by members of the Teaching Buddies Leadership team.

To learn more about us, visit
Our website: https://teachingbuddies.org
Our social media: Facebook(www.facebook.com/teachingbuddies), Instagram(www.instagram.com/teaching.buddies/), Twitter(https://twitter.com/teachingbuddies)
Or contact teachingbuddies2020@gmail.com

Thank you!
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How many sessions are you willing to tutor? *
Note: Each session is around 2-3 hours per week including the time spent on preparing for the session.
Do you speak a language other than English? *
If Yes, what language do you speak and what level of proficiency are you in that language?
Rank your preferred grades to teach with 1 being most preferred and 8 being least preferred. *
We will do our best to honor preferences, but a lot of matching depends on which kids sign up when!
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What Time Zone will you be in this Summer?
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What is your availability this summer? (check all boxes applies to you, times are in Central Time)
This will help us make sure that you are in a group that can find a common time to meet, please list as many times that would work for you to help us make sure that you will be matched with a group.
8am - 10am
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6pm - 8pm
8pm - 10pm
How likely will your availability change over the summer? *
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Please select any of the below options if they apply to you.
This information will be used for our end of year calculations to make sure that we are creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment, and is not required if you don't feel comfortable sharing this information.
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