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About #ObviouslyNotDMV:
Our region's elected leaders, are rushing to give away an unknown amount of taxpayer money to the world’s richest man and one of the world’s wealthiest companies in an effort to bring Amazon’s “HQ2” to DC, Maryland, or Virginia. The Mayor and the Governors have reportedly signed non-disclosure agreements with Amazon, preventing residents from even knowing what is being offered with their tax dollars. In a region with a housing and homelessness crisis, with devastating inequality, with underfunded transit, schools, and health systems, our region's leaders are clamoring to bring in up to 50,000 new, likely affluent residents, without any conversation about the impact on longtime residents.

Our public money could be used to fund our housing, our schools, our transit, and our own communities. DC, Maryland, and Virginia should end their participation in this race to the bottom and release their full Amazon bids including the subsidies offered.

Go to and for more info.


1. Fill out this form. You can choose more than one way to get involved!

2. CALL YOUR ELECTED OFFICIALS: If you indicate you would like to call your representative, use one of the following links to find your rep.

3. HOUSE PARTY: If you would like to organize 8-12 of your friends and neighbors, you can host a house party to teach others about why HQ2 in the DMV would have a devastating affect on the existing community. A member of #ObviouslyNotDMV will reach out with materials to help you organize your event.

4. DIRECT ACTION: If you want to be involved in planning a direct action or protest in DC, you'll be invited to an upcoming training.

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