DEVGRU.Club Membership Application is looking for new people to fill Red, Blue, Gold, Gray, Silver, White, and Black Squadrons.

We are also seeking to bring on artists, developers, content creators, mission makers and more.

We are a game development and game server providing entity. Still in youthful stages, we are definitely seeking new members to add to our team.

Without this application, you will not be given a formal interview.

Please answer honestly and think about your answers.

They will affect your membership process.

Membership Requirements: Fluently Speak English, Age 18+, Arma3 or Insurgency: Sandstorm or Squad, Discord and Teamspeak
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Happy New Year! We Vow To Keep Continuing To Provide Something Akin To A Hardcore-to-Casual Milsim Experience To The Average Gamer Onward Into 2020!
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